Our Projects

HIV Testing & Counselling

Contribute to prevention of new infections through community education and awareness building and increase access to HTC, care and psychosocial support in Yambio, Ezo and Nzara.

Home Based Care

We do Home visitation and have meetings with individual clients to understand more about their health issues. Also we do counselling and guidance to individual clients to help them cope up with stress and trauma

Nutritional Support

This has Improve the wellbeing of those infected (PLHIV), those affected (OVC) and their care givers by outreaching to them and offering psychosocial support, nutritional support, establishment of kitchen gardens, household food production and training on different agri-business activities

Vocational Training

We have opened opportunities to PLHIV and those affected by offering Vocational training, Micro finance etc. so that they can generate income to enable them take care of their families, Thus Improving skills, financial freedom increased socio economic stability and quality of life of PLHIV, their families and members of the community

Clinic / Dispensary

Alleviate the suffering of those infected by dispensing non-doctor prescriptive medications to them and other SSG members and provide home based care to the chronically ill.

Scholarship /Sponsorship

Assist orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to attend primary and secondary school by contributing towards fees and other school requirements. This has increased number of those attending school and therefore better opportunities and future for OVC

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