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Impact of Star Support Group

The Star support group is a Christian Brothers initiative care and support Centre for the people living with HIV/AIDS registered under the Ministry of state relief rehabilitation and commission. Christian Brothers is a congregation of consecrated religious men founded in the 1800s. They are involved in church mission of liberation, empowering and educating the community on the existing social challenges. Star support group is a successful initiative for the brothers as a response to the social needs of the people of Yambio living with HIV/AIDS. The project began in April 2005 as a result of clients being tested positive in Yambio Hospital VCT Centre. The clients who were tested positive were in need of nutritional, moral, care, spiritual and psychological supports.

PLHIV were encountering lots of challenges which included; discrimination, stigmatization, rejection, gender inequality, violence, poverty and they were blessed to be received and welcomed at the Christian Brothers premises. Gaining recognition for the group has been a challenge due to stigma, lack of constant support and a place for good treatment, care and support. The current statistics of the beneficiaries of STAR Support Group sum up to 1990 members infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The majority of the members in the star group are women and a lot of orphaned children. There are many infected children. The project supports a number of orphan children. STAR support group is registered at State level as a Community Based Organization (CBO). The management motivates all people tested positive to seek psychosocial support, capacity building and empowerment skills offered by the project.

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Our Vission

A healthy, empowered and productive Yambio Community free from HIV and AIDs and all its consequences including those in cross cutting issues.

Our Mission

To target people infected, affected and those in danger of being affected by HIV /AIDS and provide home based care, nutritional support, dispense drugs, psychosocial support, vocational training, awareness creation, education support and food production and training

Our Core Values

Faith in God, Compassion, Integrity, Commitment, Respect for all and their dignity, Justice

Our Team

Star Support Group Team

Star Support Group has worked with and given various supports to 805 adult women, 294 adult men, 238 girls, 236 boys

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